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Why Instagram is hiding 'Likes' on post

In a 2017 article of CNN, Instagram is reported to be the most detrimental to mental health of social media users. Majority of users who care about the number of likes they get on their post feel a lot more pressure.

To this end, Instagram in a move to address the issue is hiding the 'Likes' in selected countries including Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

Users in these selected countries for the initial tests expressed their relief in an interview with CNN.

It is an undeniable fact that a lot of users have suffered depression as a result of the belief that they are not good enough at something or don't look good enough because they don't get much likes on their photos. 

credit: @instagram
Nowadays, some users judge based on number of likes a particular person gets and not the content. This leads to pressure on some users who would go extra mile to get sufficient number of likes to keep their self esteem.

With the new initiative, Instagram may be going towards reducing number of mental health issues to a great extent. 

Read original article on CNN => Instagram got us hooked on likes. What happens when they're gone? #KontenthISL


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