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The New Data Reseller Platform - Cheapest Prices of Data Bundles. How you can earn N30k monthly

Kontenth Data Reseller Platform

First thing first! Kontenth Integrated Solutions Ltd. is a registered company with the corporate affairs commission with registration number RC1383617. OH! Back to why you are here. 😃😃😃

You may have been wondering how your friends or neighbors get data bundles for different network at unbelievable cheap prices. Well, today, you are in the right place.

Before we continue, try and answer these questions.
·        Do I need an extra income?
·        Do I need a side job that can make me money just with my phone?
·        Do I need to make extra income of at least N30,000 in a month?

If you answer YES to any of the questions above, then let’s continue.

Telecom business is no doubt one of the biggest businesses in Nigeria now with hundreds of millions being spent on data subscription and airtime daily. It is no mistake that your banks (GTB, UBA, ACCESS banks etc.) are also into this business.
Let’s not talk much and move straight to the point.
  •   Access to The Kontenth Data Reselling Platform
  •   An Opportunity to Learn How to Be Real Wholesaler

Data reselling is simply “BUYING DATA FROM A WHOLESALER AND RESELLING IT TO YOUR CUSTOMER AT A PRICE WITH PROFIT”. For instance, you will buy MTN 1GB DATA bundle at the rate of N450 and resell at N500 or N550 as you may desire.
This method of data reselling business is easy and does not require any capital to start. Yes, you read right! It requires no capital. Having a capital is just an added advantage.

Your customers will credit your account which you can use to make your first purchase and pocket your profits. SEE A SIMPLE CALCULATION OF HOW MUCH YOU CAN MAKE BY RESELLING DATA.

Assume you sell just MTN 1GB for 20 people in a day with a profit of at least N40 per transaction. It means:
N40 x 20 People = N800
N800 x 30 days = N24,000
Now, imagine if you are dedicated and get more customers with more sales. IT IS ALL IN YOUR HANDS TO BE FINANCIALLY FREE!

To get registered on Kontenth Data Reseller Platform, contact me on Whatsapp 08134551789.
Check out the Data Reseller Platform here – Click Here
Prices of Data Bundles on Kontenth Data Reselling Platform.

N 900
N 2,250

N 950
N 1,950
N 4,800
N 9,800

N 460
N 900
N 1,750
N 2,300

*9Mobile is currently unavailable. It will be updated later.

Now, to the next part…
As a wholesaler, people will come to you for data purchase at the cheapest price. You will make more profit while selling your data from the comfort of your home.
The guide to become a wholesaler is a paid guide. To get this revealing guide, make a payment of Three Thousand (N3,000) Naira to:
Account Number  -  1015254497
Account Name  -  Kontenth Integrated Solutions Ltd.
Bank  -  Zenith Bank
Account Number  -  0112552638
Account Name  -  Seidu Kazeem
Bank  - Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Immediately after payment, send a message in this format: 
PAYMENT FOR WHOLESALE GUIDE, NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, DATE OF PAYMENT. e.g. Payment for wholesale, Olakunle John,, 10th September 2019.
SEND TO 08134551789

Now, the decision is on you. With this guide, you get to vend data directly from the network providers. Unlike the first option, you will require a capital of about N15,000 to be a wholesaler.


Call/Chat me on WHATSAPP anytime – 08134551789

Welcome to financial freedom! #JoinKontenthISL


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